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Hello Everybody!

Welcome to Digital Group Infotech. This is the intranet website for various information and updates on day to day activities in the organization.

Intranets can combine internal and external information resources in a one-stop information shop, and become the intellectual capital library of an organization, capturing staff knowledge, facilitating teamwork and collaboration, and providing an excellent induction vehicle for new employees.

We have below two servicedesk numbers which are operational from 9:00 AM IST to 9:30 PM IST from Monday to Friday.

+91 20 66532262 EXT# 262
+91 20 66532263 EXT# 263

In addition to above, we have added one more below helpline number which can be reached anytime and especially on non-operational hours and during weekends.

+91 9923205318

However, for any issues it is mandatory to open a ticket on service desk portal mentioned below. ServiceDesk is the central system keeps full historical data on all tickets which helps to track, diagnose and resolve the issues in a timely manner.

ServiceDesk Portal - http://servicedesk.thedigitalgroup.com

For any IS related feedback/escalations please write to kallappa.patil@thedigitalgroup.com

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